"For no-one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid,
which is Jesus Christ." (1 Corinthians 3:11)


1. Preamble:
In response to God's calling and love; and out of considerations for my brothers and sisters in this international community; and out of a desire to be a faithful witness to my Lord, Jesus Christ; I make the following statement of commitment:

1.1      I will seek to be faithful in observing worship and devotional life at the Lutheran Theological Institute, both corporately and individually.

1.2      I will seek to be diligent in my studies and will allow others to do the same.

1.3      I will honour that other members of the community come from a different background from mine and will seek to respect and learn from those whose life, practices, and convictions of faith and other matters are different from mine.

1.4      I will respect all people irrespective of gender as my equal.

1.5      In my relations with others I will try to be loving and forgiving and if I have grievances or criticisms against anyone I will seek to voice these in Christian love.

1.6      I will seek to witness and serve our surrounding communities by participating in the outreach activities of the Lutheran Theological Institute in a caring ministry of compassion.

1.7      I will endeavour to uphold the seriousness of my Christian witness by projecting a good image of myself, the Lutheran Theological Institute, the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the church I come from.

1.8      I will seek to live according to my conscience, and, respecting the conscience of others, lead my life in such a way that it enhances and not denigrates my witness through behaviour such as: sexual misconduct, misuse of alcohol and drugs.

1.9      I will approach socio-political issues from a Christian conviction and respect differing views of others.

1.10    Knowing that this Theological Institute depends on the support of the Southern African Lutheran churches, I will be a good steward of what has been provided, taking care of the property entrusted to me.

1.11    I will promote community life and carry out my duties as part of the community, such as: leading worship, participating in the residence activities, keeping shared spaces clean etc.

1.12    I will abide by the Constitution and all other rules and regulations as set down by the Lutheran Theological Institute.

May God Almighty help me to abide by this pledge!

We reiterate the Preamble in the languages spoken at LTI with 1 John 4:8:

uNkulunkulu uluthando (Zulu/Swazi). God is love (English). Gott ist die Liebe (German). God is liefde (Afrikaans). Modimo ke lorato (Tswana). Modimo o lerato (SeSoTho). Modimo ke yena lerato (Northern Sotho). uThixo uluthando (Xhosa). Sikwembu i rirandu (Tsonga). Mudzimu ndi Ene lufuno (Venda). Kalunga Oye ohole (Kwanyama). Elob Ge Inama (Nama). Maana Mungu ni upendo (Kiswahili). Mwari rudo (Shona). Kalunga ohole (Oshiwambo). Egziabihaer Fikir Naw (Ethiopia). Andriamanitra dia Fitiavana (Malagasy). Gud er kjaerlighet (Norwegian/Swedish). Dieu est amour (French). Dios es amor (Spanish). Deus é amor (Portuguese). Az Isten szeretet (Hungarian). Deus caritas est (Latin-Vulgata). ὁ Θεος ε̑ἰναι ἀγάπη (Greek). יְהוָה אֲהָבָה (Hebrew).


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