LTET Rules

 We request all who are interested in donating to the LTET to read the following:


  Students requesting assistance from the LTET are to please read this before filling in the application form.




The Church’s ministry in a rapidly changing society calls for well-trained pastors. University training is not cheap. At present it costs about R 30 000 per student per year. After taking account of generous fee remissions granted by the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the support of two local bursary funds, students are still expected to raise about R 5000 per year, plus 10% per year, for four years. For most students in ELCSA this is beyond their reach. It would be a pity if young people were prevented from serving the Church and the Community, not because of a lack of dedication to the cause of Christ, but because of a lack of resources.


Can you help us?

1. By making any small contribution.

2. By sponsoring a specific student for a semester or a year.

3. By sponsoring a specific number of students for four years.

4. By remembering the Trust in your will.

5. By asking your company to support the Trust with a major investment.


To reach long term financial viability we hope to build up a capital trust fund of R 5 million over the next 5 years. From the yields of this investment we hope to cater for the needs of our less privileged students for decades to come. We have applied for tax exemption to the SARS.

For further information contact Rev Detlev Tonising, 031 260 6293. Send your contributions to the Lutheran Theological Education Trust, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Branch No 057525, Account No. 052168204.

May God bless you!



General Information:

  • All SALTTT students are responsible for the payment of their University tuition, LTI Accommodation and LTI Catering Fees. The church is determined to counter an attitude of entitlement (“The church has to pay for me”).
  • With registration at the University and the LTI, students applied for financial assistance for their tuition through the University’s fee remission agreement and the SoRaT Theological Bursary Fund, and for LTI accommodation through the Lutheran Theological Bursary Fund.
  • There remains an outstanding amount which is to be paid either by the student themselves, or through their parents, family or friends, or through their parish, circuit or diocese or through a bank loan.
  • Only students who can not secure even this outstanding amount may apply to the LTET for a Loan.
  • The LTET will, at its discretion only consider applications by SALTTT students who have filled in the Application Form for Financial Assistance and submitted the required documentation.
  • For accommodation the LTET will only consider the amount for a shared room fee.
  • The loan has to be repaid by students who discontinue their studies. For students who later go into the ministry of their church their loan will be changed into a scholarship which will then be paid off by serving their church for a period of five years.

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