LTI Residence information

The Pledge, Rules and Security Matters:
Rules and Pledge: Students and staff of theLTI commit themselves to the LTI Pledge. All students should carefully read the LTI Structure and Guidelines, General Rules of the Residence, General Rules on Security and Disciplinary Matters, including Code on Sexual Harassment and to adhere to these Rules. Alcohol, drugs and fire-arms are generally prohibited on LTI premises, as is smoking in LTI buildings. From 22h00 to 06h00 male students are not allowed in the female rooms and vice versa. On arrival students have to sign the LTI Pledge, Contract and the Inventory List.

Security Gate: For security students each receive their keys for a refundable deposit of R 50.00. Rooms should be locked. The front motor gate with electrical motor, is closed at all times. For the pedestrian gate students receive a disk for R 50.00. This disk may not be handed to anybody outside the LTI. Staff and students with cars can hire a remote control for which they pay a refundable deposit of R 150.00. The gate will be monitored by the secretary from 08h00 -16h00 only for service providers and official guests. Students should arrange with visitors to be called to the gate by cell-phone.

Maintenance of Property: The properties belong to an LTI Properties (Company) and its founding churches. Students help to keep the property clean, by not littering and by picking up litter. Students clean their own rooms! After use they also clean public venues (e.g. bathroom, toilet, kitchen), as these are cleaned by LTI staff only once weekly. It is a serious offence to take any LTI property home (including furniture, library and hymn books, kitchen cutlery and crockery, work tools and utensils, table lamps etc). Those found committing such an offence will be charged and punished accordingly.

Saving Electricity:
In this time of crisis concerning electrical shortages throughout South Africa, we are all called to save energy. Residents may therefore not use electrical heaters, hotplates, kettles or irons in their rooms. As we have to save at least 10% of usage or be in danger of being cut off, switch off lights and electrical appliances when not in use. Load Shedding times for the LTI are at present: Mondays 08h00-10h00; Thursdays 12h00-14h00 and Sundays 16h00-18h00.

Staff - Student Relations: Duties and responsibilities are being shared by the LTI staff and the students' SRC according to the tasks list of the Constitution. Students having any requests should approach the responsible person. Consultation and counselling times should be adhered to or a suitable appointment made. Any matters should first be dealt with by the responsible person concerned. Unresolved matters are then to be taken up with the SRC, the LTI Council or General Meeting, and, as a last resort, the LTI Board or the respective home church. Staff and workers are employed by the LTI Board and are not to be called away from their duties, are not to be requested to assist with personal requirements, and residents are not to interfere with their work.

Times: The following times are to be observed:
Daily devotions at 07.20 and 19.00;
Sunday services at 08.00 during university terms;
Silence from 22.00 until 06.00;
Library: 08h00 - 18h00 (weekdays) Saturdays: 08h00-12h00
The LTI Staff are available at fixed times Monday to Friday.

Facilities for students in the Residence:
Furnished rooms are available on an annual basis, and in exceptional cases on semester basis, if rooms are not used. Accommodation is offered with self-catering for international students and, for LTI students, with catered meals. Other students may participate in catering after paying the fees. LTI students are requested to bring their own linen, bedding, towels, pots, cutlery and crockery. For international students these will be provided and are included in the surcharge. All students are responsible for their own toiletries. First-year students will share a room, students in higher years may also be requested to share rooms.

The following accommodation is available during the academic year (February to November): International students who have to stay during the long vacation (December-January) have to apply separately. (The buildings are numbered as Block A-K on the LTI general map)

Academic Principal, Chaplain, Campus Supervisor, Secretary: Office Building (B);

10 rooms for students sharing and 2 single rooms in Main Residence ( C);

12 rooms for single or sharing and 2 flats in the New Residence (D1);

12 rooms sharing (GB) and 6 family flats in the Jubilee Hall (GA);

5 sharing rooms or 1 family flat plus a family flat at the Chaplain’s House (H);

4 single rooms and a family flat at 27 Carbis Road;

1 flat for two students sharing or small family at 17 Golf Rd /7 Fayvid Avenue.

Besides accommodation the following facilities are available:

A chapel (Block A) with morning (07:20) and evening devotions (19:00) every weekday, weekly Sunday services at 08.00 during university terms, and travel opportunities to services in other surrounding Lutheran congregations;

Administrative offices (Block B);

The LTI library (Block E) with photocopying machine and a student computer room;

Public telephones: 033-3866 716 and 3461 895 card;

Laundry facilities for students doing their own laundry (R 2.00 per washing load);

Recreational facilities: besides University sports facilities, the LTI provides a swimming pool, table tennis, TVs, VCR;

A guest room may be used for student's relatives, Lutheran pastors and Lutheran theology students at R 70.00 per person per night, for other guests at R 140.00.

Travel: International students should book their flight via Johannesburg directly to Oribi Airport, Pietermaritzburg. The LTI kombi will fetch students only from the Oribi Airport and from the Pietermaritzburg taxi, bus and train terminals. Students arriving at Durban airport can contact Cheetah for travel arrangements to Pietermaritzburg.

The LTI kombis may only be used according to the LTI kombi rules!

Students' Accommodation Fees for 2013: Fees have to be paid in advance on semester or annual basis. Where students receive scholarships, payment should be made directly into the “Lutheran Theological Institute” account: Standard Bank Pietermaritzburg, Main Branch= 057525; Account Number: 0520 89290.

LTI Accommodation Fees for 2013: This includes the LTI Library Membership Fee.

 Single rooms: R 17 500.00 per academic year [R 1 750.00 per month or R 60.00 per day during the vacation (December-January) for international students who have to stay];

Shared rooms by 2 students: R 13 500.00 per student; per accademic year [R 1 350.00 per month.]

Double rooms for married couples (with self-catering facilities): R 32 300.00 per academic year, [plus R 3 230.00 per month during the vacation (December-January) for students who cannot go home];

For families with dependent children (with self-catering facilities): 3-room unit R 46 750.00 per academic year [plus R 4 675.00 per month during the vacations (December-January) for families not going home];

A Refundable Deposit of R 50.00 for keys and a non refundable fee of R 50.00 for the Security Gate Card has to be paid by each student.

Estimated Food and Meals: Catering:

In 2013 Sumptuous Caterers will supply three meals a day during the University terms. The meals are fully subsidised by SALTT for its students. Other students may participate in catering meals at the rate that applies.

Financial Policy for the Lutheran Theological Institute:

Home churches or donors are to stipulate whether their students are to stay at the LTI Residence;

Students may only move into their rooms after they have paid a deposit of R 2 800.00

Accommodation fees are to be paid directly into the LTI account at the beginning of each year;

They may pay on a monthly basis on the first of each month, but must secure in a written statement from parents, family, parish or sponsor that they will pay this amount;

Students who have no sponsors or bursaries must pay in advance for each month;

 Students whose accommodation fees are outstanding will not be readmitted after the Easter and each following vacation;

 Foreign students may only withdraw from their sponsor allocations: University fees, food, books, stationery, pocket money;

Students have to inform the management at the beginning of the year if they are going to stay for one semester only. All other students have to sign a contract that they will stay for the duration of the whole year. If they move out during the year they are responsible to pay for the rest of the year.

If for any reason payments are in arrears interest of prime rate plus 2% will be charged.

Responsibilities of LTI / SALTT Students:

All LTI students are responsible for paying their own tuition, accommodation and catering fees as stated above under “Financial Policy”. When they apply for registration they should also apply through the LTI Administrator:

1.  for the remission of tuition fees by the University of KwaZulu-Natal;

2.  for a grant from the Theological Bursary Fund (TBF) at the School of Religion and Theology;

3.  for support by the Lutheran Theological Bursary Fund (LTBF) for accommodation at the LTI;

4.  Needy LTI sponsored students apply for a repayable loan from the Lutheran Theological Education Trust according to LTET Rules, if they have paid their deposit;

5.  for part of board and lodging by the Lutheran Theological Bursary Fund (LTBF) of the LTI;

6.  The rest of the accommodation fees, as well as fees for class notes, books, supplementary exams, sports activities, medical expenses and travel will have to be borne by the students themselves;

7.  Only in exceptional cases may LTI sponsored students apply for a repayable loan from the Lutheran Theological Education Trust (see LTET Rules).

Application forms for remission of tuition fees, bursaries and scholarship are to be requested from the LTI Administrator, and the completed forms returned to him. The remission of fees and support from TBF and LTBF can not be granted to students who have failed their year of studies.

According to experience, these remissions and bursaries will cover roughly half of the total fees.

If they themselves are unable to pay the outstanding amount, LTI students are encouraged to approach their own families, friends, parishes, circuits and dioceses for assistance. The ELCSA Church Council through its General Secretary has given its support to such requests to parishes, circuits and dioceses.

Expenses not directly related to LTI Residence, according to Information by the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg.

Estimated University Fees for 2013 (2012+10%):
Bachelor of Theology BTh                                R 25 663.00;
Bachelor of Theology BTh Honours                 R 18 304.00;
Masters of Theology MTh (Dissertation)        R 15 598.00; Subsequent year R 3 014.00
Masters of Theology MTh (Cse Wk/Diss)       R 19 008.00; Subsequent year R 3 014.00
Doctorate PHD                                                   R 19 173.00; Subs yrs R 3 014.00

Estimates of suggested optional for international students, per annum:
Personal Expenses                                           R 10 000.00;
Books / Photocopying                                       R 10 000.00;
Lecture Notes                                                   R 1 400.00;
Laundry                                                             R  1 000.00;
Field Trips                                                         R 1 400.00

Expected Fees for South African Development Community (SADC) students:
Medical Insurance - Ingwe Med.Plan            R 5 000.00;
Study Permit (new)                                          R 2 500.00;
                         (renewal)                                 R  1 000.00;
Foreign Application Fee                                  R     380.00;

University Levy                                               R 1 940.00; (NDP US$ 1000);
Transport                                                            one return trip per year

All international non-SADC students will have to pay an estimated University Fees of US$ 8 789.00, for Tuition Fees and the International University Levy and an expected application fee of US$ 1 000.00 per semester. The State Study Permit and the Medical Insurance have to be paid extra.

(Excluded are SADC (Southern African Development Community) students and PhD and MTh (Thesis) students. These however still have to pay the Lecture Fees, Study Permit and the International University Levy).

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